Event Monitoring using Bluetooth Low-Energy Beacons


Our solution is powered by a beacon device attached to the attendee badge. The beacon transmits a powerful wireless signal that is picked by our unique proprietary scanner devices that are placed strategically across your event venue. The attendee data collected by these scanners is then wirelessly uploaded in real-time to our Cloud platform for immediate analysis. The analyzed data is made available to applications that help event managers obtain real-time insights into their event. Additionally, we support a powerful API that allows third-party app providers to integrate beacon technology into their mobile and web apps.



Attendee traffic can be viewed in real-time as heatmaps. Heatmaps allow event managers to understand areas of interest on the expo floor or attendance counts in session rooms. Our customized heatmaps are web-based and are optimized by layout for the specific event. We also provide a playback of the heatmap post-event to allow event managers to review everything again at leisure.

continuing education credits

Our solution allows us event managers to verify session attendance without need for proctors or other staff. We track every attendee’s presence and dwell time in each session which can then be used to generate automatic certification of session attendance to award CE credits.


Event managers can monitor attendance in session rooms in real-time. They can ensure that the speaker for a session is in the room and can also get counts for each session by different registration types. The real-time views ensure that over-crowding conditions are handled in a dynamic fashion. Sessions with low or no attendance can also be redacted quickly or modified as needed.


An executive summary is generated post-event for every event that is monitored using our services. The summary is in the form of an infographic that provides quick and immediate insights into the event using intelligent analytics obtained from post-processing of all the data collected at the events.


Understanding attendee journey is a critical part of evaluating overall attendee engagement at events. We provide entry, exit and dwell times for every attendee for every one of the monitored areas at the event. We also provide average dwell times that provide additional information on the most and least popular areas on the event floor. These averages also provide insights into attendee engagement in sessions.

highly secure

Our technology solution has been designed using latest security principles to provide high level of confidence to event managers regarding their attendee data privacy. Our beacons and scanner devices do not store any attendee data. And we are fully GDPR compliant.